Pleroma International.

    A Ministry of The Rev’d. Dr. John & Holly Roddam

    Training for Evangelism ~ The Seventies

    Table of Contents

    Sending The Seventy.
    • Are you concerned about the state of evangelism?
    • Are you wondering how to do it more effectively?
    • Is there a Biblical plan and pattern that we have overlooked?
    • Would you like to see young people trained and mobilized to reach their generation for the Lord Jesus Christ?

    Drawing upon his years of education and training, his wide knowledge of the state of the church, and a deep knowledge of and respect for the Scriptures, The Rev. Dr. John Roddam has thought deeply and prayerfully on

    these questions. Out of that process he has produced a 12 page document we present here: Training for Evangelism ~ The Seventies.

    We encourage you to click on this link and download this documemt. Reading it will be a wise investment of our time.