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    A Ministry of The Rev’d. Dr. John & Holly Roddam

    Maritime Canada Prayer Strategy

    Table of Contents


    A grassroots prayer movement to foster spiritual awakening in Atlantic Canada.

    9 geographic sectors in Maritime Canada Plus Three Trans-Local Areas of Reconciliation

    1. Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown/Summerside)
    2. Nova Scotia – Cape Breton Island (Sydney)
    3. Nova Scotia – Eastern Counties (Antigonish/Guysborough)
    4. Nova Scotia – Central (Amherst/Truro)
    5. Nova Scotia – Metro NS (Halifax/Dartmouth)
    6. Nova Scotia – South Shore (Bridgewater), Western Shore
      (Yarmouth), and Annapolis Valley (Kentville)
    7. Northern New Brunswick (Chatham)
    8. Central New Brunswick (Fredericton)
    9. Southern New Brunswick (Saint John/Moncton)
    10. Reconciliation with First Nations Peoples
    11. Reconciliation between French and English
    12. Reconciliation with African and other Ethnic Communities
    Halifax Town Clock.

    The number twelve (12) is ‘governmental’ in the Scriptures.

    Initiatives within each sector – Grassroots contact to build relationships, explore confluence of ‘streams’ (Mainline, Evangelical, and Charismatic/Pentecostal), and discern “what the Holy Spirit is saying/doing” in each.

    Potential Initiatives Within Each Stream


    • Research Project – Discerning God’s Original Design
    • Prayer Resources – Daily Devotional (Based on Seek God For The City)
    • Liturgical Prayer Actions – Fasting, Prayer Vigils, etc. (esp. Advent/Lent)

    Grassroots contact to build relationships
    explore confluence of ‘streams’
    and discern “what the Holy Spirit is
    saying/doing” in each.


    • Concerts of Prayer – Twice per Year (Spring and Fall) November 1st (All Saints Day) and Pentecost (World Day of Prayer)
    • Seminars on Prayer – Materials on “doing” prayer (Engagement & Listening)
    • Pulpit Exchanges – Across Denominations and Provinces (Develop “Partnerships”)


    • Apostles and Prophets Quarterly Gatherings
    • Prayer Walking
    • Strategic Level Spiritual Mapping

    Cross-Stream Initiatives

    • Leaders’ Prayer Summits – Annual Retreats
    • Reconciliation – French/English; 1st Nations/Dominant Culture
    • Cross-Pollination Among Segments (Twining/Partnering Segments)
    • Northern NB/Western Shore NS/Cape Breton – French/English Reconciliation
    • Central NB/Metro NS/PEI – Governmental/Economic/Cultural
    • Southern NB/Central NS - 1st Nations Reconciliation
    • Northern NB/NS Eastern Counties – Rural Atlantic Issues
    PEI NB Link.


    • Annual Provincial Gatherings
    • An Atlantic Canada Prayer Council – meets once a year (face-to-face) with monthly “skype-meetings.”
    • Quarterly Apostles-Prophets Meetings in each sector
    • Annual Atlantic Apostles–Prophets (Catalytic Leader-Intercessor) Meeting

    Father Daniel Nash Strategy for Grassroots Connecting

    The Father Daniel Nash's Strategy: Visit each sector and identifying key leaders in each who have –

    • A Call beyond their local church (A broader ‘metron.’)
    • A specific Call to prayer or to foster prayer
    • A love for the whole Body of Christ
    • A burden for spiritual awakening

    Purpose – to build relational bonds in each sector, province, and region.

    Father Daniel Nash worked closely with Evangelist Charles Phinney in the mid-19th Century. He “went before” Phinney into specific cities and towns to draw believers in denominational churches together to pray for spiritual awakening in their communities - in the unity of Spirit and in the bond of love. Phinney would follow with crusades in which over 70% of the people would be retained as responsible church members. Phinney would not conduct any meetings without Father Nash's groundwork in prayer.


    Daniel Nash - Prevailing Prince of Prayer (PDF) is a 29 page booklet describing the amazing life and profound ministry of Daniel Nash.

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    The strategy described here is applicable anywhere
    and explained even more completely on a prototype site for another city: