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    Dr. John & Holly



    Serving The Body of Christ 

    Ministry Endorsements

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    The Rev’d. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie

    I have known John Roddam personally and collegially for many years. He is a leader that has shown immense passion for the ministry of the Body of Christ. His competence, personal integrity, moral and ethical standards have proven his ability to equip the Body of Christ with a standard that is highly effective, challenging, and uncompromising. His intuitive manner for being able to contextualize the message of the Kingdom of God into a contemporary setting is in itself a testimony to his call as an Apostle, a Pastor, and a Teacher. He is both a theologian and a proven practitioner of pastoral ministry, and one who personally models a life in Christ that is endearing and genuine, and who develops enthusiasm and vision in the lives of others. He is a visionary that is willing to walk with those he leads, one who translates vision into genuine transforming of lives and society. I heartily commend The Rev’d. Dr. John Roddam as a peer, a leader, a friend, one who has been called as a leader for a time such as this.




    The Rev’d. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie
    Executive Director: Partnership Ministries


    Kenneth M McEahern, ThD

    John Roddam has always inspired those around him with his commitment to virtue. One of the greatest talents John Roddam has been given is to serve as a mediator between diverse people and diverse groups. He has a knack of bringing different people together. The greatest impression that he made on me is his insistence of carrying the cross of Jesus Christ. He insists on teaching the cross, bearing the cross, utilizing the cross of Christ. I have never heard John complain about any of his own personal crosses. John is to be trusted with matters of the soul.

    Kenneth M McEahern, ThD
    Board Certified Clinical Chaplain
    Hickory, NC


    Trevor MacPherson

    I have seen John in a numerous ministry settings and the amazing thing about the way he ministers, is he listens to the Father and gets to the root of what God is doing and then in a very subtle way draws that out so that everyone is able to respond. He is also very committed to helping individuals come into their calling and will offer many suggestions to spur them on and encourage them in that direction. He also, where possible invites those people into situations where they can function in their gifting. I am one of those people and know what a blessing he is to the body. He is very much a facilitator of what the Holy Spirit is doing in any meeting, he isn't interested in his own agenda. Instead, he is always focused on the Holy Spirit's agenda.


    Trevor MacPherson
    Co-Founder: Global Roundtable of Emerging Underground Ministries

    The Underground Railroad

    Fr. Mike Flynn


    Over the years that I have known John Roddam, he has consistently exhibited a large concern for the whole Body of Christ no matter what denomination people belonged to. He is a gatherer, a teacher, and a sponsor of gracious unity among believers.




    Fr. Mike Flynn
    Author of “Holy Vulnerability”
    Fresh Wind Ministries





    Pastor Joe McIntyre

    John Roddam is a father in the faith. He carries what some have called a horizontal apostolic mantle. He is unusually gifted at connecting ministries and building bridges between diverse parts of the Body of Christ. He delights to help people move in their gifts and is quite sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit. John is theologically sharp and aware of the various schools of thought in the world of theology.



    Pastor Joe McIntyre
    Founding Pastor:
    Word of His Grace Church,, Bothell, WA
    President: Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society


    Tony & Irene Fournier


    And when Saul had come to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples; but they were all afraid of him, and did not believe that he was a disciple. But Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles. And he declared to them how he had seen the Lord on the road, and that He had spoken to him, and how he had preached boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus. (Acts 9:26-27 NKJV)


    Acts 9:26-27 comes to mind immediately as we consider one of the ministerial functions John Roddam excels in. He is a facilitator of unity and honor among the brethren. As a father in the faith, John has consistently encouraged and provided opportunities for those called into ministry who may be of the younger generation, of the cadre of nameless/faceless called ones, or others whom the church world at large may easily overlook as having true and viable ministries. What would have happened had Barnabas not spoken up for Saul? John has an awesome legacy of speaking up for and acknowledging the grace, gifting, and calling of God upon the members of His Body at large.

    James A. Watt

    I have known John Roddam at the time he was serving in an associate capacity at St. David's Anglican Church in the Tsawwassen area of British Columbia, Canada - during the mid 90's. My wife and I spoke for him at a midweek service which he chaired. We both noted his unusual gifts in chairing a difficult type of service.


    Later we ministered for him at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Seattle for which he was Rector, and again were impressed with his “overseeing” abilities. He also serves in the spirit of Barnabas of NT times, bringing key people together for effective corporate ministry. He challenged my wife and myself to let him chair a 10-segment DVD Interview to document our part in a Canadian Revival, covering both the pros and cons of this Visitation. Many copies have gone forth from this interview. In the light of the above, I can warmly recommend his gifts and ministry, having seen them in operation many times over the last decade and a half.

    James A. Watt
    Last Living Elder of 1948 Latter Rain Revival




    Tim Taylor

    John Roddam is a wonderful example of a servant leader who has a huge heart to see the whole body of Christ connected and working with one another in honor. Our Father has uniquely gifted him and given him a broad range of experience across the body of Christ that few have. His revelatory gifts enable him to see the strategic big picture in a city and region while simultaneously being sensitive to Holy Spirit’s working in each individual. I have watched John facilitate, administrate, and collaborate with other leaders in my state to connect the body as one. He is skillful yet sensitive and he never claims anything as his own and is constantly giving away love, honor and influence. Combine these qualities, experience and education and we find ourselves graced with a man who is a living example of a loving wise father in the Lord.


    Tim Taylor
    Founder: Kingdom League International & Watchman Ministries International
    Architect of Operation Rolling Thunder

    Alan Ross

    John Roddam has a wonderful Father's heart for people and the body of Christ. He has an awesome pulpit presence. Furthermore John has a very deep understanding of the Scriptures and can minister pastorally and in a teaching context with a strong apostolic and prophetic edge. His knowledge of spiritual warfare is at a high level and carries an historical perspective that communicates a mature message to a contemporary move of the Holy Spirit. He is an asset in any number of ministry and teaching situations.


    Alan Ross
    Prophet from Edinburgh, Scotland



    Dr. George Johnson

    Senior Pastor: Harvest City Church,
    Vancouver, BC,
    Chair: Canadian Coalition of Apostles

    Dr. George Johnson

    Dr. John Roddam has a sound theological foundation that is accompanied by a passion to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. John is gifted on many fronts; all of which he uses most effectively. He has a marvelous capacity to connect people to their calling and to one another in meaningful strategic relationships. I have  observed that Dr. Roddam has a keen mind and a humble heart. He excels in blessing others as he carries himself with a humble and Christ-like spirit.


    Holly is equally a person with a heart for God’s work and the ministry to others. Together as a team they are most effective in leading gatherings representing various stripes and nuances among today’s broader church. Prayer, is a vital part of Dr. Roddam's ministry. God is using him to bring the church together across denominational lines. Dr. Roddam carries a vision to see revival that will impact regional, city and national spheres.

    East Coast Endorsements

    Pastor Andrew Bryce

    I have known John and Holly for over 25 years and more recently since they have moved back to Eastern Canada reconnecting with them as a couple. What impresses me the most about this couple is not their intellectual or theological prowess which is very strong, but rather the way they defer to each other and love each other after all these years. The key to their heart and ministry is relationship. They have an obvious love for the 'whole' Body of Christ which exudes from their personal relationship as a couple. Their love for the Church is transparent and infectious.


    Pastor Andrew Bryce
    Summerside Community Church
    150 Industrial Crescent, Summerside, Prince Edward Island,

    CANADA C1N 5N6





    Pastor Gerry Leet

    Dr. John Roddam is a remarkable leader in our city and a valued friend and mentor to many secular and church leaders. If there is one word to describe my friend “John” – that is love. He displays great love and compassion for Christians and the people of this broken world. At our office he has prayed for important political leaders and for people in crisis and need with the same passion and wisdom. John is an outstanding representative for the Lord and I would happily and highly recommend him to any person or community or church organization.


    Pastor Gerry Leet
    Executive Director: City Centre Ministry
    5251 Duke St. Suite 216, Halifax Nova Scotia, CANADA B3J 1P3

    Steve McEvoy

    John is a great father to many in the Body of Christ. Constantly I come across people who, of course, know John Roddam. It always perplexes me as to how so many people know John Roddam. But in every instance, the discussion is amazing as deep respect flows from each individual. The Father has gifted John with an essential apostolic calling to the body of Christ. I can only give John the highest of endorsement.

    Dr. Steve McEvoy
    Steve McEvoy Ministries
    44 Croweland Drive, East Mountain, Nova Scotia, CANADA

    Dr. Steve McEvoy.

    The Rev’d. William White

    John is well suited to ministry for he is very pastoral in all that he does. His sermons are theologically sound, sprinked with humour, easy to listen to, and well-received by his congregations. I am pleased to say that I have known John for a number of years and am impressed with his discipleship journey in the Lord.

    The Rev’d. William White
    110 Oxford Street, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, CANADA B0K 1S0
    Facebook - Anglican Churches of Pictou County

    The Rev’d. Stephen Croft

    John Roddam is a humble catalytic force whose heart is always to serve the Body of Christ and to seek unity. He embodies Jesus’ prayer in John 17. His unique gifting and capacity is to recognize and to help release latent giftings that are dormant in believers. His gentle witness enables him to disarm even the most wary. In the past, John has stood steadfastly for truth in hard places and faced profound persecution. I heartily recommend him to you as an apostle and servant of the living God.


    The Rev’d. Stephen Croft, M.Div., O.S.L.
    Pastor of Lutheran Church of Our Saviour
    Chaplain of the Dartmouth Chapter of The Order of Saint Luke
    255 Portland Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA


    Pastor Mark Harris

    Through the years, I have so much appreciated John’s encouragement and guidance. He has a big heart for the kingdom, a rare breadth of vision that encompasses diverse denominations and traditions, the intimacy of prayer and the struggle for social justice. He’s a force for good in HRM and beyond!

    Pastor Mark Harris
    Grace Chapel
    255 Ross Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA B3M 4B3

    Miro Rak

    During the six years that I've gotten to know John, its become obvious to me that John is rich in spiritual gifts, rich in love for the Lord and people, and rich in wisdom. At the heart, he loves to mentor people into leadership, seeing their giftsreleased in their potential. He is deeply reliant on and open to God's leading and direction. He is humble and vulnerable as a leader. And he seems to have a pulse on God's work in numerous communities and avenues.

    Miro Rak, Co-Pastor: Real Life Community Church
    6101 University Avenue
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA B3H 4R2


    Pastor Bruce Morrison
    Christian Fellowship Church
    489 Abercrombie Road, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, CANADA B2H 5K9

    Pastor Bruce Morrison

    I have known John and Holly Roddam for several years and they have ministered in our church on several occasions. John has a brilliant mind. He is a walking encyclopedia of church history, which, coupled with his knowledge of the Bible, makes him a rare and unique part of the Body of Christ. He is one of my favorite people to be with for these reasons alone. However, John's greatest passion centers on the supernatural - with an emphasis on helping every believer discover their gifts and equipping them to minister in the power of the Spirit. John has many ministry gifts, not the least of which is a strong apostolic calling. He is very successful at bringing ministers together in celebration of unity and purpose. John is a strong proponent of developing local, regional, and national vision. For reasons such as these, I strongly endorse John and Holly Roddam. But there is more! John is a personal friend and confidant. I have brought difficult questions to him that resulted in his prayerful and thoughtful input, going so far as to seek input from those he trusts to provide much needed assistance to me. I will always be grateful to him for this.

    Bruce Havill

    Bruce Havill.

    A Marketplace Christian (Owner of Roto Static Halifax)
    Chair of Franklyn Graham Halifax Crusade (2005) among other Trans-Denominational Projects
    Member of Halifax’ Servant Leadership Team


    John Roddam has been actively engaged with many church leaders here on Canada’s East Coast. When it comes to being a partner in building God`s Kingdom, John brings an amazing assortment of gifts. As I describe John to others, I say, "His toolbox has more tools than I've seen anywhere else." John is highly relational and brings a great deal of discernment and wisdom as he engages others. He is God-centered in his words and deeds, and one always leaves time with spent with John feeling that God was in that meeting. I endorse him as a disciple, a brother, and a co-labourer.