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    Dr. John & Holly



    Serving The Body of Christ 

    How The Roddam’s May Serve YOU!

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    John & Holly are called to serve the Church and mentor leaders. They BOTH speak at conferences, retreats, and services. Holly is actually a better speaker! The Roddams are called to support leaders as they lead their churches deeper into the things of God. The Roddam’s generally negotiate with those who invite them to speak, asking what they see are the “next steps” the Lord is calling a particular fellowship to walk in. The theme talks and ministry of the conference, retreat, etc. are designed to serve as a catalyst to bring the community to the next level. John has a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA with a focus on Church Revitalization. He loves working with churches to see them grow spiritually and numerically. John will be focusing on his parish responsibilities at St. James, Kentville so his availableity will be limited to lead conferences, quiet days, etc. However, Holly will be available to do concerts, lead retreats, speak at conferences, etc.


    The Roddam’s often speak on Renewal Themes:

    • The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit/Spiritual Gifts

    • The Release/Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    • Healing - Forgiveness, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Community Healing/Reconciliation

    • Hearing God’s Voice/Pursuing God’s Presence

    John & Holly Roddam.


    From 1984 to 1994, Holly and John travelled with the White Family doing concerts throughout the Maritimes.

    • Holly’s Dad & Mom - Lorne & Mary White

    • Holly’s Aunt - Yvonne White

    • Holly’s Sisters - Shelly Price & Lee Case

    • Accompanists - John Roddam & several others (No!! John did not sing!)

    Holly Roddam

    Holly Roddam Singing.
    Holly Roddam  Speaking.

    Holly has begun to blend her teaching/exhortation gift with singing, making a musical experience with a powerful message. If you are interested in booking Holly for a concert, simply go to our contact page!

    Holly Roddam

    The Candle - A New Song (1989)

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