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    Serving The Body of Christ 


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    The Writing Ministery of

    The Rev’d. Dr. John Roddam

    'The Rev. Dr. John Roddam.

    The Rev’d. Dr. John Roddam's writing ministry is as unique as the man himself. His thinking is shaped as much by his Anglican heritage as by his Apostoic call and anointing. His deep love of the Word of God, extensive theological reading and studies, experience with the culture and creed of a broad spectrum of the Church, all influence and illuminate his words.  

    Christians from liturgical traditions will be blessed by his repeated emphasis on a Spirit-filled Christian life. Those from the Charismatic, Evangelical, and Pentecostal streams will benefit from his knowledge of church history and the traditions of the liturgical and sacramental church. His voice is always truthful, but kind. You will be informed, inspired. . . and challenged to think.


    (Click on the title to open the PDF file. Right click to download.)

    We invite you to read Discipleship Model - Simple and Reproducible (PDF) and ask if the Lord is calling you to this simple one-on-one mentoring model. You need to know the Lord is calling you to this! He will give you wisdom and His heart for others.

    • Are you concerned about the state of evangelism?

    • Are you wondering how to do it more effectively?

    • Is there a Biblical plan and pattern that we have overlooked?

    • Would you like to see young people trained and mobilized to reach their generation for the Lord Jesus Christ?

    John has thought deeply and prayerfully on these questions. Out of that process he has produced this 12 page strategic document.

    A study based on Scripture, the life and example of Christ, and Andrew Murray’s book “Humility” (1895).

    Diocesan Times.

    These articles were written by John for the Anglican Diocese of NS/PEI’s Diocesan Times. They are a short read, succinct one page articles; edifying, thoughful, gently challenging, and at times entertaining. Great for Anglicans; excellent for all. Enjoy!